Writing Resources

Here you will find some resources which will help you to write excellent and remarkable papers, inspiring articles, persuasive reports and other wonderful texts. And of course, avoid plagiarism in all of them. In this area we put helpful articles and visuals where that combine our high level of experience and the best practices available to date.

All the resources are presented by categories, from the beginning of writing your paper to presenting it.

Writing resources

Before You Write

Before you start writing

The most IMPORTANT part

This part describes the planning of your document. Planning is the most important stage of successful writing. Plan your writing carefully as it will act as a foundation for your paper. A strong foundation will lead to a powerful and solid argument in your paper, while little to no planning will cause your paper to be weak, regardless of a strong idea and concept.


Work, WORK, work…

This part is the most time consuming, though on the other hand, it is one of the easiest parts of writing if you planned your paper. If you find writing difficult or are even at a loss on what to write, your planning was probably not done thoroughly. In that case, you need to take a step back and review your outline. Once you finish, don’t forget to check your writing for plagiarism. Violation of that rule can cause many severe and undesirable consequences such as a failing grade or even expulsion.

After You Write

Writing your essay

Make it CHARM

Even the best writing can go underrated if you don’t present it in a charming, remarkable way. Some articles presented in this area will be able to guide you towards the wonderful presentation your paper deserves. Here you will find suggestions for standard presentations and speeches.

Congratulations for finishing your writing – you are one step closer toward your goal!