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Plagiarism in the United States

Plagiarism Statistics In United StatesSimilar to Europe, in the United States, there is also a massive difference in plagiarism statistics across all of the states. The plagiarism rates vary from 6.4% in the Northeastern state of Vermont to a whopping 24.2% in the Southern state of Louisiana. This significant difference shows the capacity for plagiarism reduction across the United States.

The worst plagiarism situation exists in the Southwest and Southeast parts of the United States. In the Southeast region of the U.S., rates vary from 9.4% in Maryland to 24.2% in Louisiana. Total plagiarism statistics averages 15.9% across the area.

In the Southwest part of the U.S., the average is even higher, at 18.8%. The lowest score goes to Oklahoma, where it is only 14.0%, and the highest is in Texas, where it is 21.8%.

The statistical plagiarism average is better in the Western part of the country, where it is 13.8.%. The Western section shows significantly lower scores on similarities found in uploaded papers, whereas the Southern states have much higher matches in their papers. Such disparency is similar to those in Europe, where countries of the South like Spain, Italy and Greece have higher matching rates.

Elsewhere in the U.S., the Midwest and Northeast sections have lower overall plagiarism rates. The average plagiarism rate in the Midwest rests at 12.7%, achieving the lowest score in with 6.7% in Wisconsin. The average rate of plagiarized text in the Northeast is only 10%, thereby giving them the distinction of achieving the lowest score across the United States.

The big contrast in these scores shows the potential to which unoriginal content in written papers could be reduced across these two countries and their respective regions.

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