Plagiarism report

If you checked your text for originality and plagiarism, it is natural to want to know the results, right? Well, most plagiarism checkers offer only a skimmed and slimmed down version of the final analysis. Users only get a snippet of the real deal or have to pay extra. So, what should you do? The answer is quite self-explanatory… Just use the most advanced and detailed plagiarism checking tool online – Plagramme. The best part? It can be completely free and give tons of detail and help prevent content and idea theft. We provide our users with an in-depth and detailed look at their papers from a plagiarism standpoint.

How Plagramme makes the plagiarism report easy to understand for everybody

First and foremost, what is the plagiarism report? It is the final result and evaluation of any particular document, article or paper. Once our algorithms scan your text, we give you a full report on every word, comma, sentence and paragraph that has issues or creates the suspicion of being plagiarised.

Here is a sample of a report:

Plagiarism report

Plagiarism report

Let’s see what it shows us. On the top left-hand side, you see a pie bar with a 26% evaluation. This percentage mark displays the final assessment of your document and its risk of being plagiarised. It is the last and full evaluation which is comprised of a couple of crucial factors:

  • Similarity score – counts and evaluates the number of similarities in your text.
  • Plagiarism risk score – evaluates and estimates the actual risk of plagiarism in the paper you have uploaded. This feature has a 94% effectiveness rating.
  • The ‘Paraphrase’ count shows the exact number of paraphrases which are present in the document. The lower – the better.
  • Bad citations. Avoid using too many citations as they ruin the originality factor and can diminish the quality of the paper as well as make it a full-fledged plagiat.

The full report you see in the picture shows a 26% plagiarism percentage which is bad. This document needs to be carefully analysed and rewritten partially to fix the highlighted areas or quite possibly even rebuilt from the ground up.

The report is an essential feature of Plagramme, which you, unfortunately, cannot access via the free version or can do it only a few times. You will have to top up your account with sufficient funds, share us on social media or pay for the individual case to get a report on any particular document.

We use an easy to understand colour coding scheme which marks the areas of interest within the text in orange, red, purple or green. Red and orange is usually bad news. If you see your paper littered with these shades – watch out! Nevertheless, not all highlighted areas mean bad things. For example, if a citation gets highlighted in green – it is approved as a proper and accurate citation. Now you can download the report in PDF format meaning that you can check it on the go, or do even better and repair it online!

The online correction tool + a guide on how to use the report to your advantage

Besides having the means and working software for plagiarism detection online, our website can help you improve your paper at the places where it matters the most. The so often mentioned plagiarism report offers you a way to fend off copy and make everything feel original. Introducing the online correction tool which is going to get rid of any instances of plagiarism in your document. We could go more in-depth, but it would be a waste of your time because it adapts to every individual paper.

If you are a student, read the full report and analyse the weak points present in your technical text, academic papers or eliminate the threats of plagiarism in the 2nd paragraph of your thesis. For lecturers and businesses, the check and the full plagiarism report determines how you should approach the paper itself, what could be improved and whether originality, plagiarism or SEO requirements are met.

Do everything in one website – maximum anti-plagiarism prevention

 We are the nationally recognised plagiarism checking tool in three different countries. We detect over 100 different languages and can adequately protect your paper and identify signs of plagiarism in almost 20.

You don’t need any additional research, haggle through different websites or services etc. Test it out for free and pay only if you wish. See a real example by uploading a word or a different kind of file to our website. The report generator (or the report maker) runs your file through the Plagramme database which consists of over 14 000 000 000 papers, articles, texts, documents, thesis and all kinds of content. In just a few moments, your plagiarism report is ready. The plagiarism detector will have determined whether any issues exist, mark them for you and help with the further correction.

Don’t settle for anything more than 0% plagiarism – the report helps you do just that

Our team strongly suggests not looking at low plagiarism risk and evaluation numbers as a great sign. With extensive and detailed work based on someone else’s analysis – such numbers could be unavoidable. However, with the work that you outline and create on your own, 0% should be the etalon, standard and goal you aim for. Plagramme is the ultimate multilingual plagiarism checker with the ability to generate a solid report that gives you all of the necessary information about your paper. We also have a lot of decorated experts working on our staff to give people insights and tips on how to improve their writing. For an additional fee, you can order their services!

You needn’t search for explanations. Plagramme report is self-explanatory and very easy to understand!

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