Sophisticated scoring

Plagiarism checker scores

Our scoring system offers several features to help make your document the absolute best it can be. With all of these features, as well as color-coding to alert you to any problems, you’ll be able to quickly edit and correct your document with ease.

  • Similarity score. All reports are provided with a similarity score. This score shows how many similarities are in your documents.
  • Plagiarism risk score. Unique. This score shows you the risk of plagiarism in your document. The more similarities that are the detected, the bigger the risk of plagiarism. Our research has shown that this feature detects the risk of plagiarism by 94%. This is but one of many reasons why users love our system.
  • Paraphrase. Unique. This score alerts you to the amount of paraphrases in your document. A high paraphrase score may signal plagiarism. Be aware of high paraphrasing score.
  • Bad citations. Unique. This score shows how many improper citations there are in your document. While it’s acceptable to use citations, they should not comprise the majority of your document. It’s also wise to verify the source of any citations used, in order to avoid the risk of plagiarism.
  • Matches. Unique. This score shows the amount of “matched” parts in your document.

Highlighted matches

If any kind of plagiarism is found in your document, the data is highlighted for your review and correction. Our plagiarism checker system offers certain features to help you edit and correct your document – note, that good quotations will be highlighted in green, paraphrases in orange, and improper quotations in purple.

Plagiarism checker highlight
Plagiarism checker sources

Viewable Sources

Our plagiarism checker will put links to the sources on the matched parts in your document. These links allow correct any improper quotations, words, and paraphrases in your document. If you are confident that the quotations are placed properly in your document, a simple verification on your part will allow you to proceed with your document review and download.

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Plagiarism checker filters

Paraphrase detection Unique

Our system’s enhanced technology detects not only copy & paste plagiarism, but also paraphrased plagiarism. If you receive a high paraphrase score, it’s important to carefully and thoroughly review your document to avoid the risk of plagiarism.

Detection of bad citations Unique

Some citations may be recognized as plagiarism by teachers so it is important to check the paper for correct citation in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Our plagiarism checker will let you know which citations are good – they will be marked green. It will also mark purple all the citations which are recognizable as plagiarism, so you will know what citations you should edit. This is the unique plagramme feature – no other plagiarism detection system offers such feature.

Plagirism checker formatting
Plagarism checker editor

Multilingual detection

Even if your document is written in several different languages, our multilingual system is capable of detecting plagiarism. That’s why our plagiarism checker system is recognized as the national plagiarism detection system in several different countries.

Online editor Unique

Our online editing system enables you to edit your document online, thereby eliminating the need for re-submissions and fees. Once edited, your document’s original layout, formatting, and other data is preserved.

Plagarism checker online editor
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Check plagiarism from anywhere

Upload anywhere Unique

Our upload feature is simplified for your convenience. You can upload your documents anytime, anywhere, from any website or page, by using the traditional upload button method, or by dragging and dropping your files to the designated location.

And more of our unique plagiarism checker features

Big data access

Your document will be checked against 14 trillion websites, articles, books, journals, and periodicals. This feature is growing on a daily basis, and is the best data access feature among other plagiarism detection services worldwide. This is what sets our plagiarism checker service apart from the others.

Preserve original format

Our system allows you to view, edit, and download your corrected document while preserving its original format. Our plagiarism checker service preserves all of your pictures, formatting, and layout in its original state, which means you don’t have to worry about re-submissions and fees.

Free plagiarism check option

Even though our plagiarism checker system is a paid service, we do offer some free features. Simply help us spread the word about our plagiarism checker service and we will offer you a free plagiarism check option. Sign up now, all the details inside!

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